Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hina Digest March 2015

Hina Digest March 2015

Hina digest is a pure like khawateen digest and it contains stories for women as it describes the real problem which women are facing nowadays. Most of drama writes use Hina digest stories to make drama on that and it has proved that people are loving dramas based at hina digest.

.The new edition of Hina digest for the month of March 2015 is released and people have read it are praising it because there are big  and famous writer have written stories for the digest. 

If you want to download it you can download it by using this blog and it will be in pdf. Download this urdu digest quite free.

Hina Digest March 2015 Download Pdf

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Naye Uffaq March 2013

Naya Uffaq March 2013

Naye Uffaq digest new for the month of March 2015 has been released and it is available on all Pakistani bookstalls. The digest is containing stories on political issues. Naye Uffaq is digest it is only for those want to read digest with full of suspense, thrill and other all content which can address them world politics very well.

Naye Uffaq March 2015 Edition contain new stories from writer from Pakistan there are international writers stories as well. We offer you to download it in pdf format but if you want to buy its hard copy than you have to spend almost PKR 50. but you do not need to do that just come at our site click on download and get in online. 

Naye Uffaq March 2015 Download Pdf

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Friday, 10 April 2015

Sarguzasht Digest March 2015

Sarguzasht Digest March 2012

Sarguzasht for the month Mach 2015 has been released in the market and you can buy it from nearest book stall all over the Pakistan, Sarguzasht is a Pakistani digest and people love to read it and it is good when you get on long journey by train or by plane. 

Sarguzasht contains new beautiful stories and old continue episodes. Sarguzasht can be downloaded through this blog and not only Sarguzasht you can download all other digest which you like for the month of March 

Download Sarguzasht Digest pdf.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Jasoosi Digest March 2015

Jasooi Digest March 2015

Jasoosi digest for the month of March 2015 is released and it is available on all book stall accross the country. It is really famous digest for those want read story in which they can find thrill and suspense. The digest has been released every month for years and there are large number of reader of the digest. The most of jasoosi digest reader are male and also writer are also male but women also love to read this digest due interest and thrill it has.

You can download jasoosi digest for the month of March 2015 and old digest example Feb 2015, April 2014 and January 2015 also available. Download and read online and get your copy of digest book now. 

Download Jasoosi Digest March 2015 pdf 

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Rida Digest March 2015

Rida Digest March 2015

Rida urdu digest new edition for the month of March 2015 has been released and it is now available in all over the country. The digest has released so many edition in the market before this one and people love to read these digest. The digest is known for its story write because they write real problems of women. These digest write raise the issue of women and become the voice of women. 

The new edition contain so many new stories and old episode of old continue stories with famous writer. This edition is for the month of Marchi 2015 and April 2015 is coming soon. You can download this edition in urdu language in pdf format here. we provide the link of it. 

To download rida digest just need to click and open the pdf file and start reading, if you like the stories and than never miss to share it with other you can post any sort of critics about the stories and get other opinion.

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Kiran Digest March 2015 In Pdf

Kiran Digest March 2015

Kiran digest is a digest for those who love read stories like love and for those who newly fall in love. The love is a thing which can happen once in a life and if you have just got love come and read this digest.

It contains stories on love and family issue, separation between families, problem in love and much more which definitely you will like and you want to read oline it is also available. Kiran digest has been famous in women and they wait every month for new edition. 

The new edition of Kiran digest for the month of March 2015 has been released and you can download it online and read it. It is the best seller digest in Pakistan and people love to get it every month. 

To download it you just need to click on the link and save it in your computer. you just need to open it and read,

Kiran Digest March 2015 Download Urdu Pdf,

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