Jeena Dushwar Sahi Ost Title Ptv

Jeena Duswar Sahi is a ptv drama which was released on 2 December 2014 and since than it is being on aired on Ptv home. It is really good drama and it has a strong viewership who are following this play since its first episode. The strength of the play is its cast and strong script. The drama is really good and people can watch this on every Tuesday at 7:45 pm on Ptv home. This is a new addition in Ptv drama list this is a Pakistani drama. Pakistani drama industry has produced so many dramas and it has become the biggest drama industry in the world due to the high level of content and strong story line.

Jeena Dushwar Sahi Ptv Home Drama Cover Poster

Ptv is the Pakistani biggest drama channel and It is the owner of so many dramas and they have produced uncountable dramas in every field and on even every society topic. Ptv is the Pakistani premier channel and it was launched in 1964 when tv was started in Pakistan and since than in previous 50 years of it career Ptv has released so many dramas and these dramas have a well informed and well designed class who watch these drama. Ptv tries to produce such drama which a totally based on real life story not a novel based story.

The channel Ptv has produced different dramas on different topic like Ainak Wala Jin, it was a full of fun drama and it was a horror drama, it was designed specially for children but it got good fame among the elder as well. So therefor people love to watch its dramas.

Jeena Dusware sahi is a typical family story and it is a complete family drama with bit of good content. It is well organized drama with bunch of love, suspense and romance and it all kind of genre. This is a good addition in Pakistani dramas and It is getting fame among the public. After taking analysis through social networking sites we got that this is a good and famous drama among the public people who watch Ptv they also watch this play.

This play is written by a famous writer Iqbal Bano and directed by Shoaib Khan. This play is produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment. The full cast of the jeena dushwar sahi including Areej Fatima Affan Waheed, Huma Nawab, Manzoor Qureshi, Kaif Ghaznavi, Faisal Naqvi, Ali Shameed Khan, Syed Mohsin Raza Gillani, Hashim Butt and Maria Khan.

The original sound track is written by Sabir Zafar and the singer name is Sara Raza Khan with composition of Waqar Ali. Jeena Dushwar Sahi ost title song download audio mp3 ptv drama lyrics by sara raza khan. As Jeena Dushvaar Sahe.

Original Audio (192 kbps, 4:50)


Tum Apni Qaid Hasaron Ka Silsila Rakhna
Magar Hamre Liye Koi Raasta Rakhna
Khizan Rakhe Gi Darakhton Ko Besabar Kab Tak
Guzar Hi Jaye Gi Yeh Rut Bhi Hosla Rakhna

Karna Kyun Chahte Ho Sapne Aankhon Se Juda
Mera Mehram Hai Khuda Jaane Woh Haal Mera
Tanha Tanha Zindagi Hai Tanha Pyar Sahi
Khamoshi Bebasi Yeh Meri Haar sahi

Jeena Dushwar Sahi
Jeena Dushwar Sahi

Mera Mehram Hai Khuda 
Jeena Dushwar Sahi

Dar Badar Aise Meri Zindagi Veeran Phire
Jaise Paani Pe Koi Sookha Pata Sa Gire

Lamha Lamha Meri Saanson Ka Toota Taar Sahi
Khamoshi Bebasi Yeh Meri Haar sahi

Jeena Dushwar Sahi
Jeena Dushwar Sah

Mera Mehram Hai Khuda 
Jeena Dushwar Sahi

Aagay Jaana Hai Kahan Aagay Rasta Hi Nahi
Manzilen Khawab Aise Khoya Hai Yaqeen

Dil Jo Roya Hai Mera Yeh Meri Haar Sahi
Khamoshi Bebasi Yeh Meri Haar sahi

Jeena Dushwar Sahi
Jeena Dushwar Sah

Mera Mehram Hai Khuda 
Jeena Dushwar Sahi

Jeena Dushwar Sahi………..

Chahat Ost Title Ptv

Chahat is a ptv drama which was released on 4 December 2015 on Ptv home. It is very nice drama and all importance of the world has been described in this play. Ptv is famous for telecasting such dramas which could tell the story of the society and these dramas are liked not only in the country but outside the country they have got good response from the public. Ptv Home is the ever green channel which is own by Pakistani television corporation. It is the sub and important channel of ptv and it is the most revenue generated channel in ptv family. Pakistani media has launched here so many channel but he importance of Ptv dramas are still on peak due to highly improved content.

Chahat Drama Ptv Poster cover

Drama serial chahat which is released on ptv home and people are watching it. The analysis which we made through social networking sites, we get the conclusion that the dramas rating are not bad there is a viewership who are watching this beautiful play. This is typical story which is designed on the culture of Sindh and how they tread women of the society. The drama is a truly describing the situation of Sindh women and how they are being kept by their husband.

Chahat is play of moral ethics of the society and it gives the lesson to the other that women have also given rights to survive in the society. The tradition of the culture that no one can get married from out of the family but due to level of high education people do not prefer to get married from non educated village girl because due to the study in university men mentality get changed and always prefer to spend his life with a girl who knows how to do the makeover and who knows the changes in the environment. That is not a foolish idea because marriage is not signature on the piece of paper, it is a promise of living with other people and spending his whole life with other so mentality must be matched of two people.

Pakistani dramas are such drama dramas which based on our culture stories and normally these dramas are taken from true stories like ptv play sawan. These types of dramas can help the society in making the healthy environment because of a good lesson at end of the play.  Ptv has produced so many plays which are totally identifying the problem of common people not on identifying but writer gives the solution of the problems.

Chahat drama is shot in Karachi and in interior sindh areas, because main theme of he drama is to show to village life of the people. How they behave, how sindh people spend their life, their life cycle and way to talking. Therefor drama chahat is designed in sindh root areas. In old era there were so many dramas on the social life of village people but now the content of the dramas has moved to the love, romance and full of urban life and whole play is moved around the urban culture which has destroyed the efforts which was made by old Ptv writers. So in this situation the drama like chahat is good sign for media and drama industry.

Earlier we have seen a big hit on Tv serial called "Marvi" that was a complete story of women in sindh life and therefor people love to watch that another play called Sham se pehle it was also a good drama and there are a number of list in the history of Ptv dramas but now there are new writers have come in the industry who have focused on the single kind of story and that is a big loss for the drama industry.

Lets move back to chahat, this play is directed by Salim khan deswali and it is produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under the banner of 7th sky entertainment. The cast of play is Nauman Ejaz, Sadia Imam, Ayub Khoso, Beenish Chohan, Salahuddin Tunyo, Asad Malik, Shamil Khan, Ambr Nausheen, Maria Khan, Madiha Rizvi, Zarar Khan and others.

Teh ost khawab purani chahat ke is sung by Sanam Marvi and Sahir Ali Bagga. The beautiful ost is composed by Sahir Ali and lyrics are arranged by Aaim Raza. Chahat ost title song download audio mp3 ptv home drama song by Sanam marvi and sahir ali bagga.


Nain Kinare ………….
Nain Kinare Dhuwan Uthe
Aur Dil Mein Laagi Baam

Nain Kinare
Nain Kinare Dhuwan Uthe
Aur Dil Mein Lagi Baam
 Jis Karan Rogan Bani
Who Sikh Jaane Ya ……

Dil Bachaiyo Naino Ko Lagi Lagi Aag Hai
Dil Bachaiyo Naino Ko Lagi Lagi Aag Hai

Ishq Jis Dil Mein Hua Hai Banwara Dil Mera
Jag Bairi Hua Hai Kaisi Ajab Yeh Aag Hai

Dil Bachaiyo Naino Ko Lagi Lagi Aag

Bahn Bahn Chalke Aayi Matha Choome Muskurai
Khawab Purani Chahat Ke
Aankhe Kholon Toh Kho Jayen
Choona Chahon Toh Daraiyen
Khawab Purani Chahat Ke

Har Ghari Dharka Laga Hai
Bewaja Kya Pata Haaye
Mere Laikhon Mein Kya
Kaisa Mera Bhaag Hai
Dil Bachaiyo Nainon Ko Lagi Aag Hai

Dhaaga Dhaaga Dil Hi Choote
Tara Tara Aansoo Toote
Jeene Ko Chant Rasti Hai

Dooba Doo Badalte Jate
Jhoote Saare Rishte Naate
Kaisi Yeh Dil Ki Basti Hai

Dar Badar Bhatka Hua Hai Rasta Har Jaga
Mun Khool Ke Betha Har Soo Koi Naag Hai 

Dil Bachaiyo Nainon Ko Lagi Aag Hai
Naino Ko Lagi Aag Hai……….

Paiwand Ost Title Ary Digital

Paiwand drama serial is nowadays being on aired on Ary digital. It was released on 11th April 2015 and since than it is getting good hit on Ary. The it self is really beautiful and strong story line and dialog with the acting skills of actors have made this beautiful play hit on the channel. Viewers can watch this drama on every Saturday at 9:00 pm on Ary Digital. 

Paiwand Drama Ary Digital Cover

The play is written by Shugufta Bhatti and she writes is really beautiful. The play is directed by Mohsin Mirza and produced by Fahad Mustufa and Dr. Ali Kazmi. The drama is produced under the banner of Big Bang Entertainment. The full cast of paiwand including Sajid Hassan, Sana Javed, Ahmed Ali, Gohar Rasheed, Nazli Nisar, Shehryar Zaidi, Ambar Wajid, Sadia Faisal, Salman Saeed, Ghazala Butt, Shahzad Malik, Fahim Abbas and Uzma Shaikh. 

The original soundtrack is a beautiful fun and bit of sad lyrics but good enough to listen again and again. The singer name is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and lyrics are done by Sabir Zafar. The composition are arranged by Waqar Ali. Paiwand Ost Title Song Download Audio Mp3 Full By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Ary Digital Drama Lyrics and Audio Listen Pewand, Paiwend. 

Note: (this is video version MP3 with dialog, the full audio version is not released so far, leave your comment below by facebook, we will notify you when full ost is released.)

Mol Ost Title Hum Tv

Mol is new drama which is going to be on aired from 30th May 2015. The story is bit of amazing which will I personally thing touch the heart beat of the viewers. Although there is a week left in releasing but after watching couple of promos, it seems that the story will base on a rude child who is still rude but now he is young. he gets his marriage against the will of their parent and he os always to trying to realize them that this this is his life and he does not like interference of anyone. Sometime we try to find such wife for our child which could do respect of his parent but in this case here a son is not going to give respect his parent. 

Mol Hum Tv Drama Cover Poster

The play is such abeautiful, the story concept is Faisal Manzoor and dialog are written by Amna Mufti. This heart touching play is directed by Ilyas Kasmiri. It is produced by Momina Duraid and Satish Anand. Mol full cast and crew including, Nadeem Baig, Faisal Qureshi, Iqra Aziz, Naveen Waqar, Munawar Saeed, Minal and others. 

The original soundtrack of the play is getting popular because of its voice quality and lyrics. The singer name is Bushra Bilal and lyrics are made by Naseer Turabi. The ost is composed by Waqar Ali, Edit and Post by Hasan Ilyas and d.o.p is done by Shahzad Baloch. 

Mol Ost Title Song Download Audio MP3 Hum Tv Drama Full Lyrics without dialog by Bushra Bilal. mole, mool, moal, mul, mule.  

Original full version (256 kbps, 4:10)
Official by 11Ost


Raaste Khatam Kahan Hote Hain
Ghar Se Agay Nahi Jaate Hon Ge 
Arahi Hai Koi Dastak Hain Hum
Marhale Hum Ko Bulate Hon Ge

Marhale Hum Ko Bulate Hon Ge......

Jin Ko Jaana Hai Chale Jaana Hai
Jin Ko Aana Hai Woh Aate Hon Ge
Ab Toh Is Shahar Ke Rehne Walay
Doosra Shahar Basate Hon Ge

Doosra Shahar Basate Hon Ge.........

Tu Hi Har Soo Nahi Hota Hoga
Kahin Hum Bhi Nazar Aate Hon Ge
Itne Majboor Nahi Hain Hum Bhi
Hum Tujhe Bhool Bhi Jaate Hon Ge

Hum Tujhe Bhool Bhi Jaate Hon Ge........

Agar Ho Sake To Ost Title Urdu 1

New drama serial Agar Ho Sakay To is going to be on aired from 30th May 2015. The new play agar ho sakey tu can be watched every Saturday at 9:00 pm only on Urdu1. The channel released some promos of the drama and it looks that the story will move around issues between husband and wife. Due to the clashes between parents the child has to survive. In an other promo it seems that husband will not trust on his wife and they get separated but their only child will miss both of them. 

Agar Ho Sake Tu Urdu 1 Drama

The play is directed by Amin Iqbal and rest of the information has not yet been published so this article will be updated as more information will come to us. 

The ost of the drama is very sad but it is a well organized tune with beautiful voices. The singer of the ost are Shafqat Ali Khan and Beena Khan with composition of Raheel Fayyaz. The ost lyrics has been done by Amin Iqbal. Agar Ho Sake Toh Download Audio Mp3 Full Urdu 1 Drama Song Lyrics Audio by Shafqat Ali and Beena Khan. Agar hosake tu, agar ho sakey to sakay urdu one and Urdu1 drama. 

Download Agar Ho Sake To Ost: Here
Original version (128 kbps, 2:51)



Laut Aaye Tu Loat Aao Mein
Laut Aaye Tu Loat Aao Mein

Un Lamhon Ko Kya Naam Doon 
Jinki Yaad Mujhe Jalati Hai
Paas Hai Woh Takiye Ki Tarah
Har Soo Mehak Teri Aati Hai

Paa Len Phir Jeene Ki Wajah
Agar Ho Sake Tu
Agar Ho Sakey To

Aas Ki Phaili Chadar Mein
Kuch Waadon Ka Kachra Para Hai
Bichre The Toh Kata Tha Jaldi
Ab Milne Ka Rasta Bara Hai

Agar Ho Sake Tu..........

Zehan Ke Har Ek Kone Mein 
Jaate Qadmon Ke Nishan Pare Hain
Mere Aansoo Na Gire Sake Inko
Ana Ke Dar o Deeware Bare Hain

Paa Len Phir Jeene Ki Wajah
Agar Ho Sake Tu
Agar Ho Sakey To