Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Dono Aankhon Ka Shatter - Khel Toh Ab Shoro Hoga Video Audio Download Mp3 Mp4 Item Song 2016

Dono aankhon ka shattar is a new item song from the movie khel toh ab shoro hoga and this has been released on youtube today by t series. 

The film khel toh abb shoroo hoga 2016 will be released very soon so far the video song is released and this one is full item number. 

The film is main cast including ruslaan mumtaz and devshi khanduri and the song singer anme kalpana patwary. So the song is released and you can watch it online and download the full song from different website on internet. 

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Dono Aankhon Ka Shatter - Khel Toh Ab Shoro Hoga Video Audio Download Mp3 Mp4 Item Song 2016


Mann Payasa Ost Title Song Download Mp3 Tv One Drama Info

Mann payasa is a new drama serial which is going to be on aired on tv one global very soon and you will watch it in prime time slot. 

This is a new drama serial I don't know exactly what the story will be and what kind of drama it will be, lets wait together and see how it performs. 

So it is produced and directed by well known director barkat ali siddqui and i have seen that meekal and nauman ejaz are working in this play. 

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Mann Payasa Tv One Drama


Main Sitara Ost Title Song TV One Drama Download Mp3 Info

Mein Sitara is a Pakistan drama serial which is being on aired nowadays on drama channel tv one global and you can watch it once in a week on tvone.

This is a good scripted drama with strong cast and amazing story which has captured the audience so far and it is getting good for drama.

This is a tv one home production with nice acting of Pakistani actress saba qama with legend nauman ejaz, they both are good actors and as i remember that i have seen them together in atv old drama serial.

So you can watch this play on tvone global on prime timing with good acting skills actors. It is written by famous Pakistani drama and novel writer faiza iftikhar and script is directed by khalil Ullah farooqui. It is produced by anjum ansari and quratul ain farukh and directed seema tahir khan.

It is season of the drama and ost title song of the drama is sung by famous Pakistani singer rahat fateh ali khan.

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Mein Sitara Tv One Drama


Zara Akbar Shows Dance Performance in Stage Drama Hun Maze Aon Ge

The famous tv and stage drama actress zara akbar recently works in comedy stage drama hun maze aon ge and she shows her dance performance in that particular drama. 

According the newspaper the famous actress is working in that drama alongside sunehri khan, shahzaib mirza , sardar kamal, hasan murad, simi khan and aamir sohna. 

Hun maze aon ge is a full comedy stage drama and is shown in different theater in Pakistan. 

The play is directed and written by azhar malik and asst director is ashfaq chaudhary. So this is a news about the drama. 

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Maral Ost Title Song Urdu 1 Drama Download Mp3 Video Info

Maral is a turkish drama serial which is being aired nowadays in Pakistan on Urdu 1 tv channel in urdu dubbed language. 

As you know that people of Pakistan have crazy for turkish dramas so almost every channel is trying to play the international content on tv. 

The famous turkish actress hazal kaya has worked in this drama and you can watch it on urdu 1.

Auto insurance is very much important and you can not think about your new car and any other vehicle without the insurance. 
Maral Drama
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